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Arctic Tale

$ 2.00 (N)
1. "At the Edge of the World" by Aimee Mann and Zach Gill
2. "Live Let Live" by Brian Wilson
3. "Keep on Growing" by Sheryl Crow
4. "Song of the North (Beneath the Sun)" by Grant-Lee Phillips
5. "Whale Song" by Pearl Jam
6. "Black Wave" by The Shins
7. "Soar" by All Too Much
8. "Itchin'" by Grant-Lee Phillips
9. "If You Took to Me" by Matt Costa
10. "The Great Beyond" by Aimee Mann
11. "Underworld" by Barry Gibb
12. "We Are Family" by Sister Sledge
Description :
2007 Bulletproof Records Soundtrack
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