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Various Artists

12 Steps of Christmas

$ 75.00 (N)
1. Thanks and Praise - J.P. Jones
2. Christmas in the City - Jim Payne
3. It's A Holiday - Mary Ann Rossoni
4. When Christmas Day Is Gone - Bill Petterson
5. Christmas Is Homeless - Barbara Kessler
6. Straw Against The Chill - Bob Franke
7. Winter Solstice Blessing - Marcia Taylor
8. Beginning With You - Atwater-Donnelly
9. Menorah - Laura Berkson
10. Christmas Remembrance - J.P. Jones
11. Christmas Goose - Artisian
12. It Won't Be Christmas - John W. Fuzek
13. What Is In A Name? - Wire & Wood
14. Jesus Don't 'Kleck' No Tax, Wassail - Folk Support Group
15. Happiest - Barb Schloff
16. It Don't Feel Much Like Christmas - Chris & Diane
17. Dear Santa - Marilynn Manfra
18. The 12 Steps of Christmas - Jon Campbell
19. If You're Not Dead - Ratsy
20. Cup of Kindness - Bellaire & Dunn
Description :
Providence Music Works PMW 10002 (1996) If you?re tired of the gushing sentimentality of most commercial holiday music and looking for something that acknowledges the loneliness and hard times that some people feel amid the Christmas cheer, you?ll like the alternative views expressed in this singer/songwriter collection from a new Rhode Island label. While a couple of the 20 tracks are a little too earnest, there?s some evocative music here, like Ratsy?s ?If You?re Not Dead,? a charmingly sad account of romantic disappointment at holiday time, and Bob Franke?s quietly spiritual ?Straw Against The Chill.? It?s not all serious, either ? there?s a sly country blues called ?Jesus Don?t ?Kleck No Tax, Wassail? by the Folk Support Group, and the title track by Jon Campbell should bring a knowing laugh from anyone familiar with 12-step recovery programs.
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